As previously stated, my number one goal is to make Surry County a safer place to live, work and raise our families. To achieve this goal, I have identified and established some specific objectives. Detailed below are a variety of measures and areas of action to help in effectively accomplishing these goals.
The manufacturing, trafficking and chemical dependency of illegal drugs continue to be a tremendous problem and a concern to all citizens.

The excessive number of overdoses, the overdose death rate, and property loss incidents, as people turn to crime to support their drug habit, are rising faster than ever.
We must aggressively confront and attack the drug problems in Surry County, including:

  • The nationwide ongoing epidemic of Opioid abuse, including the recent Fentanyl scare
  • The highly dangerous Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Labs, which are now surfacing
  • Cocaine, both the crack and powder form
  • Methamphetamine made in the county or the crystal form brought in from Mexico, using our nation’s highways and interstates

I will concentrate efforts on education, treatment, and enforcement and will work together effectively with other law enforcement agencies, education officials, health care workers, emergency first responders and non-profit advocacy groups to help reduce the use of narcotics and other dangerous drugs.

I want to enhance the Narcotics Division by creating a “Street Crimes Unit” within the division. This unit will focus on the high traffic areas of the county and deal with drug abusers. By focusing on the users, property crimes and serious, violent assault crimes can be solved since these crimes are often committed by drug users. The traditional Narcotics Unit will continue to focus on dismantling Surry County’s drug trafficking organizations.
I will concentrate on domestic violence and spousal/child abuse intervention and strive to strictly enforce the laws related to these offenses.  I will have firm departmental policies in these areas and will make sure that they are fully enforced.
Identity theft and credit card fraud are serious crimes that are affecting more and more of our citizens.  Emphasis will be placed on awareness of the crime and how citizens can help to protect themselves.
I believe in deputies forming close-knit working relationships with the citizens they serve and with all surrounding law enforcement agencies. With this daily interaction, we can better understand the needs and problems that we should be focused on.
 We have great men and women deputies, detention officers and non-sworn employees currently serving at the Surry County Sheriff’s Office.  My desire is for it to grow stronger.  As your sheriff, I will make the necessary changes within the department to help facilitate one of my immediate objectives of strengthening the patrol force, Narcotics Division, detention center and Transport Unit to better serve the citizens of Surry County and to immediately remove criminals from the streets.  To achieve this, I will retain and employ highly motivated, well-trained deputies and will actively seek such individuals as vacancies and new job opportunities become available.

In order to retain and recruit the very best deputies and staff to serve our county, salaries need to be competitive with other law enforcement agencies, as well as the private sector.  I will work closely with the Board of Commissioners to successfully bring about this objective. As sheriff, I will build an effective team who shares a high level of commitment and every employee will be treated fairly. Morale is the responsibility of the leadership and “High Morale” equates to a more efficient sheriff’s office and happier citizens overall.
I will continuously seek out ways to enhance the public’s accessibility to the Surry County Sheriff’s Office and its services. The office’s website is a great way to reach the public using technology. Extending office hours and allowing citizens to access the services will also be considered. One goal of the office will be to make it more convenient for citizens to utilize services.
I believe a well-trained, well-equipped and well-led “team” will mean safer communities, a safer county, and a more efficient Surry County Sheriff’s Office.

I realize that you have ideas that are important to you and to your community.  As I meet with you, please feel free to speak to me about your concerns. You may also contact me by phone, email or Facebook.

“I have a desire to serve.”